80 Unbelievable Gadgets From the ’80s (Part 4)

Today, we bring you another installment of 80 unbelievable gadgets from the ’80s! From professional gadgets to gaming gadgets, we’ve got all the gadgets from one of the world’s greatest decades covered! Check out gadgets 50 through 41 below.

Number Fifty: Tomy Racing Turbo Dashboard. Introduced in 1983, this driving simulator was revolutionary and the first of its kind. It boasted four-speed gearshifts, a speedometer and an impressive ignition.

Number Forty-Nine: Yamaha DX7. Yamaha was a household name throughout the ’80s and ’90s, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise that this gadget showed up on our list. Introduced in 1983, this synthesizer was capable of producing basic sounds that eventually became the foundation of a lot of ’80s music.

Number Forty-Eight: Nokia Mobira Cityman 1320. Introduced in 1987, this was one of the first mobile phones introduced to the market. Though it was extremely large, users could hold it and talk in one hand and do something else with the other, which was revolutionary for the time.

Number Forty-Seven: Sony PROFEEL Pro TV. Though a bit redundant, the PROFEEL Pro TV provided a phenomenal picture quality and was surprisingly customizable. It was introduced in 1986 even had a part that doubled as a handle and a carrier for a speaker.

Number Forty-Six: Sinclair ZX Spectrum. Introduced in 1982, this 8-bit home computer had a sleek, modern design. Many gamers believe this computer is what inspired future consoles like the NES.

Number Forty-Five: Teddy Ruxpin. Featured on popular shows like 30 Rock, Teddy Ruxpin was the ’80s answer to Tickle Me Elmo. Though he looks more creepy than cute, 1985’s Teddy Ruxpin had moveable eyes so parents could keep their eyes on children even from afar.

Number Forty-Four: Sony Betamovie BMC-100P Recorder. Described as the world’s very first camcorder, the BMC-100P recorder was introduced in 1984. One of its most notable features was the battery component located inside the recorder’s grip.

Number Forty-Three: Atari Lynx. Introduced in 1989, the Atari Lynx was forgettable in its time because of all the other handheld devices being introduced at the time. However, it was the very first handheld device that had a color LCD screen, so it is quite notable.

Number Forty-Two: Kodak Fling Camera. The first line of successful and respected disposable cameras, Kodak really hit it out of the water with its Fling camera. It was introduced in 1987 and cost just a mere seven dollars.

Number Forty-One: GRiD Compass 1101. Introduced in 1982, the GRiD Compass was the very first portable laptop! It quickly became NASA’s go-to computer.