B.o.B: ‘Roll Up’ Single Review

After releasing a surprise project back in the middle of August (Psycadelik Thoughtz), B.o.B is back shortly after with his new song “Roll Up.” Although he’s best known as a rapper, B.o.B can definitely sing. His older mix tapes, including B.o.B vs. Bobby Ray, were home to many songs with little to no rapping. “Roll Up,” which sounds like it might be the first single off his upcoming fourth studio album, is reminiscent of his earlier sound. After releasing the more rap-focused album Underground Luxury in 2013, it seems that his next album will have a sound more similar to what can be heard in this song and what was featured on Psycadelik Thoughtz. Let’s hope that this is true, because this song is really something special.

With only one verse of rapping on “Roll Up,” B.o.B sings over a feel-good, acoustic guitar-based beat. The song features a catchy hook that repeats “let’s roll up somethin’ / let’s pour up somethin’” making for the perfect song for the weekend. Throughout the song, B.o.B will tell the listener that he sometimes gets high or drunk and will ask if that’s alright, which is followed by an infectious “right right right right.” B.o.B seems to know the best melodies to include in this song. As for the song’s only rap verse, that too is very well done. The verse contains a couple references to movies as he raps “feeling like Em in 8 Mile / lose yourself, right now I’m spaced out” and asks “who got the pill that they had in Limitless?” My only wish for this song is for it to have a second verse of rapping – maybe because I never want it to end. Everything on the track works together so well. The singing naturally transitions into the rap verse – and keep in mind that this is happening over the beautifully happy beat. I cannot stress enough how catchy “Roll Up” is. It makes you want to forget all of your problems and let loose. It makes sense for this to be his first single because it sure sounds like a potential radio hit. After listening to this stress-reliever over and over again, it’s clear to me that B.o.B has himself a winner with this song.