7 Weird Addictions That Will Freak You Out

Some people claim to be addicted to something when they really love it, but some addictions are very real. These addictions are not only real, but they’re so strange you might not even believe they’re real. Well, they are. Check them out for yourself below.

Number Seven: Snorting Baby Powder. Snorting white powder is most commonly associated with cocaine, but for a 30-something named Jaye, baby powder is better. She has been snorting baby powder for 18 years, and she snorts it at least 10 times every single day. That’s got to get expensive.

Number Six: Eating Couch Cushions. Sitting on the couch cushions was just too boring for one woman named Adele. Instead of sitting on her couch, Adele opens the cushions up, takes handfuls of the foam out and….eats it. She’s been doing this for 20 years and has gone through dozens of pieces of furniture.

Number Five: Eating Toilet Paper. Many kids eat paper at least one in their lives to see what it’s like, but what happens if you like the taste? Well, one woman experienced exactly that when she began eating toilet paper. She reportedly goes through four to five rolls a week and will even bring a roll with her to the movies as a snack.

Number Four: Drinking Nail Polish. Many girls like to use nail polish to paint their nails, but how about as a libation? This is the case for 20-something Bertha, who drinks nail polish when she gets thirsty. Her favorite “flavors” are anything with glitter and the color blue.

Number Three: Drinking Urine. Perhaps the most “natural” addiction on our list, 50-something Carrie is addicted to drinking urine. She is suffering from cancer and has decided to drink her own urine to try and cure herself. She bathes in it and brushes her teeth with it as well.

Number Two: Eating Ashes. When a loved one dies, a common practice is to get their ashes cremated. One woman went one step further and decided to eat the ashes of her dead husband. She carries his ashes around with her constantly.

Number One: Drinking Blood. One Pennsylvania woman is channeling Transylvania and has decided to drink up to two liters of blood every single month. She is a mother of two and has been drinking blood for 30 years.