The 1975 Tease Breakup, Discuss New Album Instead

It’s been a long week for fans of the indie rock band The 1975. On June 1st, the band deleted all their social media accounts after the band’s frontman, Matthew Healy, posted a random yet potentially heartbreaking cartoon strip the day before. The comic art featured both an ‘old Matty’ dressed in black and a ‘new Matty’ who is covered in pink, and being silenced by ‘old Matty.’ The photo hinted at a possible breakup, with one of the characters from the strip asking another if she’d “heard about The 1975?” with the other replying, “Yeah, I’m shook up man!! I wanted them to last forever!!” The photo also included several phrases that hinted at the band’s demise, saying things like: “The hardest part of any relationship is to say goodbye. As much as we might like things to stay the same, change is an inevitable part of life.” The band also stated “We can’t simply go on forever – always staying the same, never evolving. So we must leave, with a parting ‘we love you’ – we are already gone.” Fans of The 1975 were understandably devastated with the possibility that their beloved group had gone away, and incredibly confused. For months the band had been hinting that something exciting would be happening June 1st, a possible breakup, though, no one saw coming. Twitter blew up with mourning fans questioning how this could happen to them, one fan going far enough to suggest throwing herself off a cliff if the band were really to break up.

With the massive amount of hype The 1975’s photo has received, it’s no wonder there’s a fraction of fans who felt that the cartoon strip was only meant to play the fans emotions and propel the band into a new level of fame, which seems to be exactly what they were doing. Only two days after hinting that the group had parted ways, The 1975 have reactivated their social media accounts and posted a photo of what might be the artwork for a new album, a reworking of their debut album’s artwork but in pink. Healy also posted a pink square to his Instagram and shared an open letter with his fans revealing the future of the band. The letter, which is addressed to “friends of The 1975″, not only states that the band’s new album is in post-production but that the group will be embarking on a new tour this November. The letter also reads “Our new record signifies the start of a new world for us. A more colourful world, a less colourful world.” When discussing the possibility of ticket sales, the group state that they fear only the most dedicated of fans will be able to acquire them, forcing The 1975 to solve this by, “our reciprocated dedication to playing more and more shows. I’ll see you soon with more music and drama.”

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