Big Sean ft. Drake: ‘Blessings’ Single Review

Big Sean is in his preeminent essence on the darkly spiritual second single, “Blessings,” from his forthcoming third album, Dark Sky Paradise. Drake also junctions in for his testimony with a memorable line that is sure to be on the tip of the tongue for months to come. This single is a clever follow-up to the dismal “I Don’t F*** With You.”

Sean has a technique of presenting his life experiences musically, with an unpredictable refinement. Without a doubt, when the blessings of success take place, so does the bristle jealousy from brittle friends, for the rapper. Indeed, the betrayal provides Sean an astounding instrument for one of his best lyrical performances to date. Undeniably, it showcases his constantly cultivating flow, charming every lyric correlated to the song’s theme dynamically. It’s expressly evident during his verse, “Man this wasn’t luck it was destined / I done lost homies who been with me since Ed, Edd, and Eddy / Who flip like confetti and then when you back / They back to call you ‘dog.'”

Drake is certainly not the lyrical rapper like his competition, possibly because he can flow on any beat suitable or can take any rapper’s flow and imitate conveniently. But Sean has the best verse this stretch, intentionally improving his inventiveness. On the other hand, after hearing the song, one can’t help but say, “I’m way up I feel blessed.” The hook on the record is the most enticing contribution from the Toronto native on “Blessings.” More importantly, It is time for the tame rapper to at least try and be innovative. “I can’t imagine heaven being any better than this,” is sluggish, not aspiring.

As a single, with its expressive and wicked potency, anticipate this song to annihilate urban radio in the upcoming weeks. The thing about this record is anyone can interpret the message and apply it to their own personal experiences, which gives the song a universal appeal. It possesses an attractive hook, an eerie production (thanks to producer Vinylz), which altogether contributes to the record’s success. Sean is worthy of all the praise for his second single, “Blessings,” because his value as a rapper is now validated.