World’s Oldest Newlyweds Finally Recognized by Guinness

At the tender ages of 103 and 91, respectively, George Kirby and Doreen Luckie are the world’s oldest newlyweds. They were officially married in June, but their record could not be recognized by Guinness for five months.

The adorably ancient couple, who have a combined age of nearly 195 years, met 27 years ago in 1988. They met through a service designed to help mature people meet friends and make friends with other mature people. George finally proposed on Valentine’s Day of this year, although he didn’t get down on one knee. According to George, “I didn’t get down on one knee because I don’t think I’d have been able to get back up.” Well, George, fair enough.

This won’t be the duo’s first waltz with romance, though. When they met, George was newly divorced, and Doreen had been three years a widow (she was previously married for 36 years). Between both of them, they have seven children, 15 grandchildren and seven more great-grandchildren. The previous record for oldest married couple was held by Francois Fernandez and Medeleine Francineau, whose combined age was over 190 years old when they were betrothed.

George and Doreen were married on June 13 in Eastbourne’s Langham Hotel. Interestingly, George’s son Neil owns the Langham Hotel there, and George and Doreen have lived there since 2013. June 13 also happens to be George’s birthday. He turned 103 on their wedding day, making him not only half of the world’s oldest newlyweds, but also the world’s oldest groom.

The wedding did not come as a shock to their children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren, who have been pushing them to get married for several years now. Ever the joker, George said “I can definitely say we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together” in regards to his marriage to Doreen. Doreen was no blushing bride, but according to her, she was “a bit giddy.”

Perhaps unsurprisingly, there was no big fuss about a bachelor and bachelorette party. George had a stag do lunch planned, but he was not feeling up to it when the time came. Doreen, however, made it to her hen luncheon with her friends and family to celebrate her marriage. Congrats, you lovebirds!