10-Year-Old Texas Boy Has Invented A Genius Device To Prevent Infants From Dying In Hot Cars After Death of His Neighbor’s Child

A calamitous problem that struck like lightning always ignites the spark to identify and implement an inventive solution for it. Ingenious thinking can’t be restricted to age levels and such was a case when a fifth grader pulled of a simple and genius invention to prevent death of infants. After hearing about a child’s death in his neighborhood because of being trapped in a hot car, Bishop Curry quickly drafted the idea of his effective tool and amazed the world!

20. Meet Bishop Curry

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He may be only 10 years old, but Bishop Curry from McKinney, Texas, has invented a clever solution to a problem faced by a whole country: the awful deaths of young infants after being left locked in hot cars.

19. He calls it “Oasis”

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Bishop Curry has created a simple device which he has named as “Oasis” that can prevent death of young infants after being carelessly left in hot cars.

But how does Oasis really work? And how will it save the young children? Find on subsequent slides>

18. The rising problem

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Before getting to know about Oasis, let’s just understand the severity of the problem.

While picking up groceries, or just driving to buy some medications, parents often leave their young infants in car. They think they will return in under 2 minutes and lock the car for their child’s safety.

17. Death Trap

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But after they pull out the keys and when the ventilation turns off, the car heats up like an oven. The poor infant can’t do anything about it and the heat takes away his/her life.

16. The problem is bigger than you think

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Since 1994, just in U.S. alone, more than 804 children have died from heating issues in cars.

As reported, in approximately 55 % of the cases, the parent forgot that they have left their child locked in their car. It was too late when they panicked back to the vehicles.

15. Death in Neighborhood

But as human nature is, we don’t react to problems unless they fall on us. Similar situation happened with Bishop, The triggering incident was the sad death of a baby in a hot minivan near Bishop’s home in McKinney, Texas.

14. Emerging Idea

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The tragedy hit Bishop more as he had a one-year-old sister and was able to relate with the mishap.

Sad Bishop went straight back to home and started drafting his idea to prevent any deaths happening in future. He was determined to develop a simple, cheap but effective solution.

13. The design

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After hours of R&D, He sketched a design of his “Oasis”. The excited young boy rushed eagerly to his father for reviewing his design.

12. Bishop IV was impressed

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Who wouldn’t be?

When the excited young kid Bishop explained his design to his dad, Bishop B. Curry IV, the man was blown by the intelligence of his son.

Bishop IV knew it was a big thing and decided to support his son’s invention to extreme levels.

11. Idea discussed with family and friends

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Bishop IV added “He’s got a ton of great ideas but this one, you know, when he first told me about it I knew that we had to do everything we could to help him get this out to the public because it happens way too often.”

Bishop B. Curry IV along with Bishop’s mother Tia discussed their son’s idea with close relatives and friends. All were impressed with the genius solution.

10. Invention proposed to Toyota

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Luckily for Bishop, his dad used to work as an engineer at Toyota.

Bishop Curry IV enlightened all his peers at work about his son’s brilliant idea. He even alerted the company bosses about the invention.

“Sometimes babies fall asleep and they’re really quiet, so if you’re rushing home from work or you’re rushing to the grocery store, I could see how somebody could forget,” added Bishop Curry IV, “It would be a dream to have lots of inventions that would save many lives.”

9. Getting a Prototype

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All at work were impressed and it was time to convert this idea into reality. The proud Dad returned to home and sat along with Bishop to get a prototype implemented for the idea.

8. What is Oasis?

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In a nutshell, The small device “Oasis” would attach to a car seat. It would keep monitoring if a child is left locked inside the car. If yes and if the temperature crosses a certain threshold, the device would start blowing cool air and even notify parents and authorities if required.

7. Prototype ready

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With the motivation Bishop and his father had, there was nothing stopping them. They were determined to prevent any further deaths and quickly got their prototype ready.

6. Even Toyota officials were impressed with Oasis

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Bishop’s dad rushed the prototype to the officials at Toyota, and they were impressed too. Looking at the simplicity and efficiency of the solution with the use of technology that is already available,

The auto manufacturer were so impressed that they even sent Bishop and his dad to the Center for Child Injury Prevention Conference. Bishop got a chance to present his idea directly to car seat manufacturers.

5. Installation

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The device was attached to the front seat. Curry explained “The device detects if vehicle comes to stop, using GPS technology. It then detects if a child is in that car seat, and if the car is heating up. If all of those things are taking place it blows cold air on the child through an internal cooling system.”


4. Oasis even brings in immediate help!

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Curry also added Wi-Fi and GPS technology so that the infant can be rescued from the dangerous situation.

“If the fan is activated, a built-in antenna will then use the Wi-Fi to contact the child’s parents. If they don’t respond, it will alert local authorities. It will provide the location of the child with the GPS,” Curry added.

3.Getting the device patented

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Bishop IV knew that his son had a disruptive idea. After getting green signals from everywhere they decided to patent the device and to implement a real working version.

But their hopes seem to be crushed when they realized that the fees that lawyers charge for patenting intellectual property was huge for them.

2. Love from the world!

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With nowhere to go, someone suggested Bishop IV to try crowdfunding to raise the money for patenting. Bishop IV was skeptical of this and didn’t expect his son’s invention to get much crowd attention. Instead, the world has showered love that has blew past their initial target of raising US$20,000.

“We honestly didn’t think we’d raise $5,000. And to be where we are now, I think the world is really supporting Bishop. I think… they just love the heart of a child and his passion to help other kids,” a grateful Bishop IV added,

1. Kudos to Bishop!

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With the help of crowdfunding, the family has submitted the invention patent documentation to the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. Once the get it done, they will proceed on to manufacturing on a bigger scale.

We will leave you with Curry’s words.

“No parent is perfect. I make mistakes every day as a parent, but if you make this mistake — that’s a mistake you can’t say sorry for or take back,”

“This device is designed to buy time and give parents a second chance to run out and get their kids,” . “Bishop’s trying to delay a tragic event by doing something that really makes sense.”