Top 10 Insanely Easy Pranks (Part 1)

Nothing is better than a little pranking fun, and we’ve got the best how-to pranks to scare the socks off your family and friends. So how is it done? A little creativity, some simple instructions, and a bit of help from your friends here at PPCorn. To get pranking, just read on to discover our top ten best simple pranks.

Number Ten: Your Head in a Jar. Nothing is creepier than a dismembered head preserved in a jar, and now you can freak out your family and friends by adding your own head! You will need a big jar, a gruesome photo of yourself, a little food coloring, a printer, and a bit of laminating magic. Print your photo to match the size of the jar, and head out to get it laminated. Fill the water about three-quarters of the way with water, and use the food coloring to achieve a nice, golden, preserving fluid-like color. Place the photo within the jar and situate it so that it curves to the side. You can even add a wig to the top if you really want to get fancy! Fill the remaining jar space with water, and close the lid. Set it on a table, carry it around, or place in the refrigerator for the ultimate spook!

Number Nine: The Stuck Penny. Ready to see some people struggle for a few cents they will never get? Pick up some fast-drying glue, and stick some coins to the ground. If you use quarters, passers-by will be more likely to stop and try and pick them up. It works even better with the big money if you’re willing to lose it to the pavement!

Number Eight: Caramel “Apples”. Surprise a friend with a sweet, delicious caramel apple. The catch? Try covering an onion in the caramelized goodness, and enjoy a good laugh when your unknowing friend digs in.

Number Seven: Rigged Remote. For a prank that will entertain the whole family, all you need is your everyday television remote and a little piece of electrical tape. Place a bit of the tape on the remote’s sensor, and prepare for the frustration that will soon ensue.

Number Six: Door Horn. How great are air horns? If you’ve got one lying around, it’s time you put that bad boy to work doing your devious bidding. Just take a bunch of duct tape, and adhere to air horn to the wall behind a door. It works best if you line it up with the door knob, so when a friend opens the door it will trigger the horn. It’s sure to be loud, but not as loud as your victim’s scream!