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‘You’re Full Of S***’ — Biden Scolds Worker Who Says Candidate Is Against Second Amendment Rights

‘You’re Full Of S***’ — Biden Scolds Worker Who Says Candidate Is Against Second Amendment Rights

During a visit to a chapter of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers at a Fiat Chrysler plant in Michigan, current 2020 presidential candidate Joe Biden was confronted by a worker who accused him of “actively trying to end our Second Amendment rights.”

Gage Skidmore/Flickr

Biden didn’t take too kindly to that statement. “You’re full of s—,” the former vice president said.

Biden told the worker he actually supported the Second Amendment, as he was a gun owner himself.

“I support the Second Amendment,” Biden said, but implied that the rights that go along with it aren’t absolute — “just like right now, if you yell ‘fire,’ that’s not free speech,” he explained.

“I have a shotgun, I have a 20-gauge, a 12-gauge. You’re not allowed to own [just] any weapon,” he added. “I’m not taking your gun away at all. You need 100 rounds?”

The worker didn’t let up, however, and claimed that a “viral video” showed Biden saying he was going to take guns away from citizens.

“I didn’t say that, I did not say that!” Biden responded.

The Democratic presidential candidate insisted that any viral video that purported as much was “like the other ones that came out,” which he described as “lies.”

Biden was referencing a number of videos that have been deceptively edited, including one that was promoted via retweet by President Donald Trump earlier this week. Due to the way in which it misinformed people on the issues, Twitter labeled the video as “manipulated media,” the Washington Post reported.

According to his campaign site, among other ideas, Biden plans to ban the future production and sales of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. He also would institute a voluntary buyback program, restrict the number of guns a person could buy per month to one, and would regulate existing assault weapons already in the hands of Americans by requiring they be registered under the National Firearms Act.

Featured image credit: Gage Skidmore/Flickr

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