Young Adults Driving New COVID19 Spikes As Deaths Pass 200K

As new information revealed by the New York Times indicates COVID19 deaths are over 200,000 and not the reported 162,000, other data indicates new spikes around the world are being driven by millennials and other young people who are feeling too restless to stay indoors during the summer months.

The lack of any true national mask or stay home mandates have caused sustained and new outbreaks in all 50 states with varying death tolls, as some states continue to push for reopening schools while others are trying to keep their constituents healthy by keeping those orders in place.

While most Americans initially followed the safety guidelines, the Memorial Day Weekend signaled a turn in attitudes about crowds with the murder of George Floyd creating the ongoing Black Lives Matter protests across the country. Photos from a water park in Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri, showed masses of young people partying maskless, which led to a staggering number of new coronavirus cases in the area.

Statistics like these are why Donald Trump and his supporters are trying to suppress hospitals from reporting their true numbers to the CDC amid pushing for schools to reopen.¬†One simple explanation for the rise in cases: increased testing, which wasn’t as readily available just a few months ago. At the height of the outbreak, only the very sick (more elderly Americans than younger ones) were able to get tested, while those with mild symptoms were told to ride out the illness at home without a diagnosis. Now with more testing and contact-tracing programs in place, health experts are now catching milder or asymptomatic cases in younger people that previously went uncounted.

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