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‘You’ll Be A Movie Star’ — Several Question President’s ‘Patronizing’ Compliments To Hero In El Paso Shooting

‘You’ll Be A Movie Star’ — Several Question President’s ‘Patronizing’ Compliments To Hero In El Paso Shooting

As more information is getting released about President Donald Trump’s visit to two American cities where mass shootings occurred over the past weekend — beyond the official video that the chief executive’s staff edited and shared on social media — more and more individuals on social media are striking a critical tone about the president’s behavior and statements.

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Trump lauded an individual, U.S. Army specialist Glendon Oakley, during his visit to El Paso on Wednesday. Oakley is being lauded as a hero for his fast thinking during the shooting, where he saw a group of children nearby, grabbing “as many as possible” to get them to safety. “I just did what I would want another person to do for my children,” Oakley explained later on, per reporting from CBS News.

Trump met with Oakley and other first responders to give his thanks and appreciation. He pointed out Oakley’s heroics, though the president never mentioned him by name.

“And, by the way, here is a great hero. This man — the job he did. You all know who it is. Everybody — the whole world knows who you are now, right?” Trump said, directing his words to Oakley.

“Yes sir,” he responded, per reporting from Yahoo! News.

Trump went on. “So you’ll be a movie star, the way you look. That’ll be — hey, that’ll be next. Who knows, right?”

Several on social media who were aware of the president’s comments called them puzzling, condescending, and patronizing.

Criticisms over Trump’s behavior during his trips to Dayton, Ohio, and El Paso, Texas, this week were not limited to his comments with Oakley, either.

After his visit to a hospital in El Paso, Texas, a hospital worker who spoke with CNN about the president’s interactions said Trump had “an absence of empathy” during his time there.

Trump has also been criticized by individuals outside of the hospital setting for photographing with workers, law enforcement, and others while smiling and giving a thumbs-up signal, HillReporter.com previously reported, inappropriate gestures, many say, in the wake of two mass shooting disasters.

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