‘You People’ — Trump Goes Full Racist On Black Female PBS Reporter

PBS News White House reporter Yamiche Alcindor is one brave, professional journalist.

She is a regular target for Trump’s bullying antics, yet Alcindor returns to the White House daily to ask tough questions of Trump and bring the truth to her readers and viewers.

LBJ Library/Wikimedia; Gage Skidmore/Flickr

On Sunday, she was, once again, a target of Trump. Of course, Black women are often subjected to racist, sexist, and condescending treatment by Trump, and that is what happened to Yamiche Alcindor at this latest White House briefing.

Before she had even finished asking her question, Trump interrupted Alcindor, and the White House cut off her microphone. A journalist from another network let her borrow one so that she could continue to do her job.

All Alcindor was doing was trying to get clarification on the situation with ventilators, which we all know is a dire issue as COVID-19 cases mount. The same is true of masks, gowns, and other protective equipment.

Trump’s response to this perfectly reasonable question was the following:

“Listen, why don’t you people act — listen, why don’t you act in a little more positive. Always trying to ‘get you, get you.’ That’s why nobody trusts the media.”

Now, it’s well-known that calling Black people “you people” is a classic racist trope that has an ugly past, present, and presumably future in this nation. For the president of the United States to use that language with a Black female reporter is beyond the pale.

After using the “you people” line, Trump ordered Alcindor to be nice. Then, he said she was asking “threatening questions,” trotting out yet another racist trope. He might as well have come out and called her an angry Black woman.

People constantly make excuses for Trump’s blatant racism. That will never change. However, it is incumbent upon those of us who see him for what he is to call it out every time.

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