‘You Now Have The Coronavirus’: Man Spits In The Face Of Child Because He Wore A Mask At Restaurant

A man from Florida was taken into custody by police after he allegedly spits in the face of a young boy after the boy refused to remove his mask at a restaurant. The man has been identified by police as 47-year-old Jason Copenhaver who they say confronted the boy after seeing him wearing a mask at Ricky T’s Bar and Grille in Treasure Island and demanded that he remove it. WTVT-TV reported on the incident saying that Copenhaver also wanted to shake hands with the boy but when the boy declined, Copenhaver grabbed him by the arm and spat in his face.

Copenhaver allegedly said, “You now have the coronavirus.” The police were called and Copenhaver explained that he has never been tested for the virus, therefore, he does not know if he has ever been infected. Witnesses to the incident say that the man behaved intoxicated and he was also shoeless at the establishment. Copenhaver has been booked on charges of simple battery and disorderly conduct.

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