You Can Get Huge Discounts on My Pillow By Using the Coupon Code “QAnon”

If one is to watch Fox News for even a few segments, they are sure to see a My Pillow commercials. As a large number of companies have pulled their ads from the network, Mike Lindell’s company has been happy to fill in the gaps.

Photo by MANDEL NGAN/AFP via Getty Images

And in the Trump White House, Lindell has some political cache. Reporters were curious this spring when the pillow entrepreneur showed up at a COVID press briefing. Just this week, Lindell was in the White House apparently advising Trump on the possibility of martial law.

Lindell is also a serious believer in conspiracy theories. He is such a believer, in fact, that the word “QAnon” works as a coupon code on his companies website.

Podcast host Julian Feeld revealed on Saturday, “‘QAnon’ currently works as a promo code on mypillow dot com (I’m not joking).”

Mediaite followed, “other QAnon-related terms such as “Q” and “storm” also give you the opportunity to purchase discounted pillows.”

Those who’ve listened to Lindell in the past should not be surprised. The businessman has been using his Twitter page to share false information about the election for months. He told the Daily Beast earlier this month:

You can’t give up. If these people [around the president] don’t end up standing up, they are just as bad as the people who tried to commit the crime. God chose Donald Trump for eight years, not four. Even if Biden is inaugurated, there’s no statute of limitations [on election theft]. Yes, I will keep investigating this, [even if he’s sworn in], and I’m not going to stop trying to get this out there to the American people.”

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