Yes, This Photo of Mitch McConnell and a Confederate Flag Does Appear to be Real

Yesterday, a photograph of a man who appears to be Republican Senator Mitch McConnell standing in front of a large confederate flag, went viral on social media.

The photograph, as seen below, has caused quite a stir, particularly on Twitter.

Among the Twitter responses to the photo were those attacking McConnell for posing with the flag, as well as others who are claimed that the photo may be a fake. All indications, however, is that the image is completely legitimate.

The photo appears to have originally been posted on a political poetry blog, called “Political Poet” sometime in 2015.  The image, according to The Daily Caller, was taken sometime in the early 1990s at the Big Springs Country Club in Louisville, Kentucky.  It was allegedly snapped during a meeting of the John Hunt Morgan Camp of the Sons of Confederate Veterans.

It is worth noting, that while this does appear to be Mitch McConnell standing in front of the confederate flag, McConnell has also had a history of supporting the removal of the flag from public places.

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