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Yes, Donald Trump Jr. Really Posted This Misogynistic Tripe About Two Trans Women

Yes, Donald Trump Jr. Really Posted This Misogynistic Tripe About Two Trans Women

Donald Trump Jr. sometimes posts some really objectionable content on his social media. On Sunday, he lashed out at Dr. Rachel Levine, comparing her to Caitlyn Jenner, and implying the value of either woman lay in his assessment of physical beauty.

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Republicans have been fighting hard to deny that transgender women even exist, and to limit their access to daily life, including public restrooms and sports teams. However, in Sunday’s post, Trump Jr. echoed his father’s attacks on women, comparing two women who are currently prominent in the political sphere.

Comparing a shot of Caitlyn Jenner, with her hair done and in a top that emphasizes her cleavage, with a photo of Dr. Rachel Levine at work, the younger Trump declared that conservative women are always “better looking” and suggested this (rather than, say, the very misogyny he demonstrated himself) might be “why the libs are always outraged.”

Just in case the smear wasn’t clear enough for some of his followers, the individual women in the photos were labeled, not with names but with political leanings. Jenner is under a banner reading “conservative girls” and Levine is labeled “liberal girls.”

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While many of Trump’s followers congratulated him on the post, others chimed in with transphobic attacks, and still others scolded him for labeling Jenner as a ‘conservative.’

[Screenshot via Donald Trump Jr./Instagram]

Dr. Levine is the first transgender woman appointed to a cabinet-level position, serving as the Department of Housing and Human Services’ assistant secretary of health under the Biden Administration, and Jenner is running to be Governor of Cailifornia, with a history as an Olympic athlete. Though espousing very different politics, including in the area of transgender rights, both women have achieved significant success. Don Jr. holds the title of Executive Vice President in his father’s business.

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