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Yes, A White House Aide Did Say Donald Trump Ate A Sensitive Document

Yes, A White House Aide Did Say Donald Trump Ate A Sensitive Document

When it comes to the Donald Trump White House, leaks, rumors, and contradictions were the norm. Still, it’s pretty common for many of the stories to corroborate one another, and for evidence to support the stories.

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For example, the former President’s habit of destroying records came out in the midst of his term. One particular aspect of this, the claim from White House sources that Trump would shred documents after reading, and that aides would gather the pieces to be taped back together, seems to be confirmed by the latest report that some documents received by the January 6th Committee had been torn apart and were held together with tape.

Then, of course, there’s the recent news that Trump apparently removed some documents from the White House and carted them to Mar-A-Lago, rather than turning them over to the National Archives.

Still, all of these documents are at least potentially retrievable, although there’s no way to ever know if all the papers removed from the White House have actually been returned.

Others could be truly gone forever. In 2018, Omarosa Manigault-Newman shared in her book Unhinged: An Insider Account of the Trump White House, she revealed that she had once seen Trump chew and swallow a note after a meeting with Michael Cohen, his former personal attorney. Newsweek quotes an excerpt in which Newman explains that, because of Trump’s notorious germophobia, she was sure that this indicated that the document was quite sensitive.

That’s not all — the Washington Post is also reporting that there were regular purges and burnings of documents.

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One senior Trump White House official said he and other White House staffers frequently put documents into “burn bags” to be destroyed, rather than preserving them, and would decide themselves what should be saved and what should be burned.

If there are specific documents still missing pertaining to the events of January 6th, the House Select Committee has not yet revealed it.

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