Yelp Adds “Accused Of Racism” Notice To Business Pages

The business review site Yelp has added a new feature. Now businesses accused of racist practices can be tagged with an “accused of racism” notice for consumers.

Yelp against racism
[Photo Illustration by Mateusz Slodkowski/SOPA Images/LightRocket via Getty Images]

The site, which allows consumers to rate businesses and share their experiences with others, has been working this year to help support Black-owned businesses, including adding a button to help consumers locate black-owned businesses, and partnering with organizations to hold consumers and large corporations accountable. Now, they’re also helping consumers hold businesses accountable for racial bias.

When a business goes viral or makes the news — perhaps for a video of employees acting inappropriately, or a rumor of certain biased sentiments — it’s natural that people outraged by bad behavior want to ensure fellow consumers are aware of it before they buy. Thus, there can be an influx of reviews from people who haven’t actually patronized the business.

Yelp, in these cases, temporarily cuts off reviewing, and adds a notice to the page explaining. Now, when a sudden flood of reviews reflects the business being called out for racially biased behavior, Yelp will let consumers know.

[Image via Yelp]

Their notice will also include a link to a news article regarding the accusations, so that consumers can judge the specifics and make their own informed decisions.

This way, the site explains, they can balance allowing consumers to be informed about allegations of racism before they hand their money to a company with making sure that reviews are only posted by customers who are sharing their own experience with the business.

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