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‘Yee-Haw, Hardy-Hardy-Har’ Republicans Blamed for Texas Power Outages Amid Historic Blizzard

‘Yee-Haw, Hardy-Hardy-Har’ Republicans Blamed for Texas Power Outages Amid Historic Blizzard

Texas residents are under a winter storm warning for the first time in history as Winter Storm Uris plunges the heartland into an extreme freeze and buries the region under historic amounts of snow.

Lest we forget that this is occurring during a pandemic in the state with the third-most COVID-19 deaths in the country.

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The Lone Star State is woefully unprepared for it.

Per The Texas Tribune:

  • 2 million Texas households are without power

  • Dallas urges residents to reduce their electricity usage

  • Houston mayor seeks answers on how outages were handled

  • Texas cities open emergency shelters

  • 100,000 Fort Worth residents receive boil water notice

  • State sending extra resources to help across Texas

Climate change-denying, “yee-haw, hardy-hardy-har” Republicans are to blame, New York Times journalist and native Texan Kurt Eichenwald tweeted on Monday.

Eichenwald – famous on Twitter for hammering conservatives – wrote that the GOP’s rejection of science and consequent failure to plan for environmental emergencies come at a devastating cost.

“If Texas was on the national grid, our homes wouldn’t be as low as 15 degrees. But no, we had typical yeee-haw thinking we’re better than everyone. Or we could have planned ahead, made sure our wind turbines had cold weather packages – companies like Siemens sell them given how much of our power comes from turbines now frozen,” Eichenwald said.

“Oh, but to do that,” he continued, “they’d have to rely on climate change models that show this has been happening in Texas, would happen, & will get worse as warming air changes both pressure zones around Arctic and jet stream which has led to polar vortex to come much much further south.”

“Instead, these idiots who think they know more than experts go “Yee-haw! Hardy-hardy-har! It’s so cold and the libs say global warming!! Har har. Let’s watch The Bachelor now,” Eichenwald quipped.

“This would not be anywhere near this bad if, 1. The USA invested money in our power grid. 2. If Texas either got on the national grid, bought cold temperature packages for turbines, or both, and 3. Listened to science,” wrote Eichenwald.

“But as always, we are governed by the stupid who think they’re smart, who think preparation is for wimps, who laugh at science and who are more concerned about lowering taxes than public safety,” he added. “We’re captive to the dumbest among us. And through the people they vote in, we are rapidly turning into a 3d world country while cheering how exceptional we are.”

The Tribune expanded on some of those points:

The electricity grid was designed to be in high demand during the summer, when Texans crank their air conditioning at home. But some of the energy sources that power the grid during the summer are offline during the winter. So when Texans stayed home during the storm on Sunday and demanded record amounts of electricity, the state’s energy system could not keep up.

Some of the energy sources powering the grid were knocked out by the inclement weather, most of which were facilities run by gas, coal or nuclear energy.

‘Most of the plants that went offline during evening and morning today were fueled by one of those sources,’ said Dan Woodfin, senior director of system operations at ERCOT.

Wind turbines, which provide a much smaller source of energy for the state’s power grid, were iced over and also out of commission.

Despite President Joe Biden granting GOP Governor Greg Abbott’s request to declare a state of emergency, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner, a Democrat, tweeted on Monday that “the state must own and explain the magnitude of these power outages across the State.”

On Tuesday morning, Turner also blasted Abbott for how dire the situation has become:

The City does not control the Texas Power Grid. We do not oversee ERCOT which manages and serves as the traffic cop for the electric grid. That is the Governor and the State of Texas. I know people are angry and frustrated. So am I.

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