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Yamiche Alcindor: Trump Had Weekend Twitter Meltdown Because of Terrible RNC Ratings

Yamiche Alcindor: Trump Had Weekend Twitter Meltdown Because of Terrible RNC Ratings

The Republican National Convention was one of Donald Trump’s final chances to appeal to American voters. There were slight positive signs for the President with one poll showing him pulling within 6 points of Biden. But an ABC News poll released Sunday showed Biden’s favorability rising and Trump’s continuing to fall. And the ratings for the RNC were lower than those of the DNC all four nights.

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The President went on a Twitter rampage over the weekend, tweeting even more than what can be considered usual. Yamiche Alcindor said on Monday that the fading poll numbers and the weekend tweetstorm are tied together.

The PBS reporter made the comments on this morning’s broadcast of Morning Joe. She told the hosts, “I don’t think there’s any official explanation for why the presidential does what he does on Twitter, especially yesterday.”

Alcindor continued, “I think the things we’ve been talking about likely are the things weighing on President Trump’s mind. The idea that the reality TV president who sold himself as a showman, a deal maker, that he has lower ratings than the Democrats must really get at him.”

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The reporter closed her comments:

“When you think about what he risked to really put on this event at the White House that was, I think, troubling, interesting, remarkable and somewhat dangerous. I think he put it all on the line and he’s put it all on the line with this idea, [that] if I do all this stuff, try to put the virus in the rear-view mirror and say we are going to get through this, if I spread misleading information enough somehow Americans will believe me over the facts, over my own health officials and as a result I will be able to be re-elected. I think all of that is weighing on the president’s mind.”

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