Yale Psychiatrist Says Trump Needs a Psych Evaluation

Following former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe’s declaration that he’d launched an investigation and President Trump’s response on Twitter that McCabe was a traitor and coup perpetrator, Yale psychiatrist Bandy X. Lee weighed in with her opinion that Trump needs a psychiatric evaluation because he is a danger to the United States and the world due to his ‘severe mental impairment.’

“I am of the camp that believes that a full assessment is necessary to make a diagnosis—which is why I have been stating that we need an evaluation,” Bandy said. “The American people, who are his employers, have every right to demand one, most essentially a fitness for duty exam before he continues another day, another hour, or another minute at his job.”

This belief by Lee also has been backed up by renown psychologist John Gartner, who earlier this month told KrassenCast that President Trump suffers from multiple mental illnesses, including malignant narcissism, sadism, and psychopathy.

Bandy added that Trump exhibits “psychological dangerousness” that would “translate into an assault on democracy and human rights” and even “an existential threat to the survival of human species because of the technology he has at his disposal.”

Donald Trump
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Bandy has repeatedly gone on record to warn the public about Trump’s alleged mental problems, including at a Yale School of Medicine conference, which resulted in the bestselling book, The Dangerous Case of Donald Trump.

Bandy is concerned about the many consequences of Trump’s alleged mental health problems and disputes White House Dr. Sean Conley’s report that Trump is in “very good health.”

“As long as we deny, minimize, and disbelieve the nature of the problem, we are allowing pathology to win, for we will not be able to access proper recognition of the problem and mount an effective response. This is what has been happening for over two years,” she said.

While Lee and Gartner both seem to agree that Trump is suffering from mental illness, neither have personally evaluated him. The previous interview with John Gartner can be heard below, as well as on iTunes:

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