WTCH: Tucker Carlson Says Liberals Want to Execute Him and Donald Trump Jr.

One of the most interesting stories in the political media over the last five years has been the dramatic fall of Tucker Carlson. Once Fox News' top anchor, raking in millions of dollars a year, Carlson now dabbles with Russian media sources and hosts podcasts. 

Still, with his Fox cache, Carlson is still able to bring in prominent Conservative guests to speak with him. This week, the guest was Donald Trump Jr. And when speaking about the recent trial of Donald Trump Sr., the host made a shocking claim about what Liberals would like to do to him. 

Carlson and Trump Jr. were clearly aghast at the fact that Trump Sr. had been convicted on 34 counts and is now a felon. And it didn't take long for the host to delve into conspiracy theories when discussing the case. 

The former Fox host said to his guest

"I think a lot of people yesterday when that verdict came down — I’m among them — my first reaction was, wow, they’ll actually hurt us. They would execute us — me — I’ll just say that speaking for myself. And there would be an MSNBC panel of former federal prosecutors telling their audience that I deserved it and they’d be laughing. Then Project Lincoln would send out a congratulatory tweet. And I was like, wow, there’s sort of a lack of humanity, there’s a coldness, there’s an evil under all this that I think I underestimate."