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“Worst Speech of my Lifetime” Conservative Writer Rips Trump Convention Address

“Worst Speech of my Lifetime” Conservative Writer Rips Trump Convention Address

The Democrats had a successful convention last week. While there wasn’t a large polling bump, the party still maintains a strong lead over the Republicans. The success of the event also put plenty of pressure on Donald Trump to match it.

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The returns for the RNC haven’t been nearly as good as those from the DNC. This is also reflected in in the TV ratings where Democrats bested the Republicans each night of the week. Donald Trump hoped to turn the tables with his Thursday night speech. Conservative writer John Podhoretz says not only did the President not turn the tables, but that his oration was the worst in his lifetime.

Podhoretz made the comments in a piece he penned for the Friday New York Post. He writes, “Donald Tryno came out and laid an egg in what may have been the worst convention speech of my lifetime.”


The Conservative writer felt that the GOP had pulled off a successful event up until Thursday, but the President’s speech was a bomb. He continued, “When it came to going after Biden, he couldn’t find a common thread. Once again, rather than building an indictment that would then not only justify but hammer home his climactic soundbite — ‘You won’t be safe in Biden’s America’ — he provided a dog’s breakfast.”

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Podhoretz closed the column, “Trump can still win this thing, without question. He just didn’t do himself any favors last night, to put it mildly.”

You can read the entire piece here

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