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“Worst Possible Endorsements” MAGA Is Unhappy With Donald Trump’s Support Of Mehmet Oz

“Worst Possible Endorsements” MAGA Is Unhappy With Donald Trump’s Support Of Mehmet Oz

Donald Trump is very proud of his reputation for backing winners. He boasts when a candidate he endorses wins, and lately, he’s trying out the new strategy of withdrawing endorsements. Now another of his picks is turning out to be unpopular with his base.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK – MARCH 28: Dr. Mehmet Oz attends the Bilt Rewards x Wells Fargo Launch Party at SUMMIT at One Vanderbilt on March 28, 2022 in New York City. (Photo by Jared Siskin/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images)

Trump recently un-endorsed Mo Brooks (R-AL). Though the former president claimed he was doing so because of Brooks’ suggestion that voters should focus on the future instead of an election Trump already lost, he didn’t withdraw the endorsement until Brooks began trailing in the polls. It opens the possibility that any endorsement could be snatched back if Trump’s fans don’t agree.

Now, he’s endorsed another candidate, Mehmet Oz, known for hosting “The Dr. Oz Show” for over a decade. However, the endorsement doesn’t seem to be clicking — even right-wing media outlet RSBN is attacking the candidate for re-sharing their video of the endorsement.

The animosity can also be seen in other media host and candidates, including, perhaps not coincidentally, the very aforementioned candidate who lost Trump’s endorsement.

Brooks blames Mitch McConnell and spins up a conspiracy in which the Republican leader is placing people around Trump to give him bad advice, but he’s hardly the only Trumper refusing to fall in line.

It’s no surprise, given Oz’s mixed history on the very issues the far-right takes most to heart. The Daily Beast covers, for instance, his 2019 stance against an anti-choice “heartbeat bill,” in which he stated that there is no heart to ‘beat’ at that stage of life and that the law would endanger women.

Of course, there’s also his faith — MAGA tends to have a strong stance on Islam, even when they share some of the same values.

Ultimately, a lot of Trump’s supporters seem to consider Oz a ‘RINO,’ and don’t seem happy with Trump’s endorsement. It remains to be seen if Trump will withdraw this one, too.

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