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Worst People In Trump Camp, As Ranked By Michael Cohen

Worst People In Trump Camp, As Ranked By Michael Cohen

Who are the worst people in Donald Trump’s social circle? His former attorney, Michael Cohen, has a short list, as well as some thoughts about the dumbest lie the former president ever told, and what consequences are coming.

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Shortly after the world learned that Donald Trump had tried to use the Justice Department to prevent talk show hosts and their guests from speaking disparagingly about him, Michael Cohen appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss the ex-president.

Cohen was asked to rank the worst “lowlives” in the Trump camp, and while the first (or, “lowest”) name on his list won’t surprise anyone, some of the other rankings might.

First, of course, Cohen names his former boss, later describing how Trump reached out to him, then abandoned him to take the rap for lying to Congress on Trump’s behalf.

His second is Allen Weisselberg, the Trump Organization CFO, who’s currently being pursued by prosecutors for the Manhattan DA’s office, who hope he’ll flip on Trump.

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Third is Matthew Calamari. Calamari is Trump’s former bodyguard, and according to the Wall Street Journal he’s also being investigated for allegedly accepting untaxed benefits illegally.

After those three, it gets blurry. Cohen names the oldest three Trump kids — Don Jr., Eric, and Ivanka — as tied, then he remembers Jared Kushner.

“Look, it’s all just one big family of grift, and there’s not one of them that has a redeeming value to them…as a family and as an institution, they truly don’t care about anything, other than themselves.”

Cohen believes that Trump will face charges soon in the probe by the Manhattan DA.

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