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Workplace Accidents Have Decreased Due To COVID-19

Workplace Accidents Have Decreased Due To COVID-19

It’s no surprise that the effects of COVID-19 have resulted in fewer workplace accidents, due to the number of people who have been forced to work remotely or from home instead of working physically within the workplace.

So far this year, there has been a 29.8% drop in workplace accidents compared to the first half of 2019, according to the National Statistics Office. 

With many businesses preparing safer working environments due to the pandemic outbreak and many who may have already prepared, or been forced to work through the pandemic as essential workers it’s clear that there will be a bigger focus on workplace health and safety going forward. 

What to Do in the Event of a Workplace Accident

The issue of COVID-19 should not detract from the importance of workplace safety in other regards. It’s still important to protect all employees as a business runner — and yourself as an employee when it comes to workplace safety. 

That being said, with the urgency of the COVID-19 situation, there’s always a risk that this new distraction and concern could make way for other accidents more easily happening as a result of the extensive focus on COVID-19 precautions. 

What should you do in the event of a workplace accident?

  • Focus on Yourself 

If involved in a workplace accident, your immediate thought and concern should be for your own safety and any injuries that require attention. Ensure that you move to a safe place immediately, if you can, following an accident. 

If your injuries prevent you from moving, be sure that medical attention is summoned straight away. Your focus needs to be on your own well-being and safety rather than your job responsibilities.

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  • Seek Legal Advice 

You have every right to consult with personal injury professionals like marylandaccident.com if involved with a workplace accident which wasn’t your fault. Consulting with a legal representative is essential for protecting yourself, your recovery, and your finances. 

  • Report the Accident

Always make sure you make an official report of any form of accident, even if it seems small and inconsequential. Often, injuries or symptoms may not appear until a time after the event, meaning that even if you feel fine, you should always make a report in case problems arise later. 

Speak to your manager regarding the proper procedure for reporting workplace accidents and ensure that somebody is informed straight away. 

  • Collect Evidence 

There’s no harm in gathering proof of what occurred, especially if the accident occurred without any witnesses. Take photos where needed, whether it be of what caused the accident or your own injuries, and keep a diary log of how the accident happened while all the details are fresh in your mind. That way, you can return to them later if needed.

It’s apparent that workplace safety is going to change rapidly in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, with new safety procedures needing to be introduced for any and all business industries. What’s clear now more than ever, is that your own safety as an employee is paramount. 

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