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Woman’s Pride Bumper Sticker Covered Up By Hateful ‘Misplaced Pride’ Stickers

Woman’s Pride Bumper Sticker Covered Up By Hateful ‘Misplaced Pride’ Stickers

A woman’s Facebook post decrying a hateful and misleading anti-LGBTQ sticker that was placed on her vehicle went viral, attracting national attention, as well as outreach from her local police department to report it as a crime.

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Cynthia Moore, a 22-year-old woman from Norfolk, Virginia, said in a Facebook post last weekend that someone had placed a sticker that read “MISPLACED PRIDE” over her rainbow-colored Pride sticker on her car’s bumper. The offending sticker included supposed statistics — none of them true, or at best highly misleading — about the LGBTQ community.

“At first I was a bit confused and in disbelief. And then I just got really angry,” Moore told NBC News this week. Her girlfriend encouraged her to share a picture of the sticker to her Facebook profile in order to spread awareness that someone was going around Norfolk doing this.

It caught the attention of the Norfolk Police Department, who encouraged Moore to file a police report.

“This act is shameful and those responsible are not a reflection of Norfolk’s diverse community. This sticker does not represent the values we hold true for our city and we are very disappointed that someone would spread such hate,” the department said in a statement.

In her original posting, Moore said that she was defiant of the act of hate. “I’m here and I’m queer and this just makes me wanna put more pride stickers on my car,” she wrote.

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Although Norfolk Police are investigating the matter, if the perpetrator does get caught, at most they will only be charged with a misdemeanor vandalism charge.

Hate crime statutes in Virginia recognize crimes that are directed toward individuals based on their race, religion, or national identity — but crimes against LGBTQ individuals are not part of the hate crime law in the state, according to the Movement Advancement Project.

Fortunately, not much damage was done to the sticker Moore had placed herself on the vehicle. After removing the offending sticker, the Pride emblem she had on her bumper was not ruined, she said.

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