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Woman In Virginia Restaurant Demands To See Passports Of Spanish-Speaking Family

Woman In Virginia Restaurant Demands To See Passports Of Spanish-Speaking Family

Donald Trump’s America continues to bring out the worst in people, this time inside a restaurant in Virginia. A white woman was eating at the restaurant when another family sat near her table and spoke in Spanish.

Photo Credit: Telemundo / Screengrab

The women proceeded to approach the family and demanded: “Show me your passports.” The racist patron can then be heard screaming at a Guatemalan woman and her family. “Go back to your fu**ing country” the women shouted before telling the family not to “freeload on America.”

The clearly disturbed woman eventually leaves the restaurant but continues her tirade outside, screaming, “I’m tired of this shit.”

The video was captured by the berated woman and she shared the clip with Telemundo 44 in Washington D.C. The video clip includes the attacked woman’s seven-year-old daughter who was present for the entire verbal assault.

Andy’s Restaurant in Lovettsville, Virginia was the scene of the incident and the restaurants ownership was quick to call the woman a “vile and loathsome individual.”

The restaurant also issued a notice for the racist customer. “Thank you — and we mean this with all the aforementioned respect that you rightfully deserve—for never returning to Andy’s. You are not welcome.”

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Attacks against Spanish speaking individuals in America have been popping up in videos all over the country ever since President Donald Trump took office while refusing to speak out against White Supremacists and the Alt-Right in general.

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