Woman Gets 4 Bedroom House for Free; Unknown to Her, There's A Catch

Sixth sense

As Louisa looked around her new house with her friends to celebrate the product of her hard work, she noticed a red stain on the floor. That was weird. She didn't think she had seen the stain before, or she would have noticed. 

A loud noise

Everyone turned at the sound of the bone-chilling scream. What was going on? The next thing they knew, Louisa was hurrying them out of the house and dialing the phone. The police? Was someone hurt? Were they in danger?

New beginning

It all started when Louisa tried running away from her past. She and her daughter needed a fresh start from the mess of their past, so they took off and moved to a different town. Louisa never expected that that single moment would start a chain of events she would regret.

No turning back

With her three-year-old daughter, Louisa Johnson decided to leave her busy city life and settle in a small town in the heart of Louisiana with high hopes for a new beginning. When she was given a chance to have her own home away from her husband, she didn't hesitate to grab the opportunity, and having this blessing feels like a cloud nine to her. However, there was a catch, and when Louisa slowly realized this, it was already too late.

Cutting Ties

Louisa lived a miserable life together with her partner. A total alcoholic, she was always abused physically when her husband felt like . One day, Louisa decided that it was over and she's very proud of this decision. But she didn't know what was in store for her.

Unexpected stopover

Louisa immediately packed her things together with her daughter. From there, she used an old crappy car and drove 250 kilometers away. It was a smooth ride at first and she slowly rejoiced in the freedom of being away from her husband. Everything went fine until she ran out of gas in the middle of the woods.

Surprise caller

As hopeless as it got, she called everyone on her contact list except her ex-husband. Nobody answered back and Louisa had a breakdown. The sun immediately set and it went dark, only with her car's beam giving them light. Suddenly, she received a call from an unknown number which caused her instant fear.

Multiple attempts

Louisa let go of the call, thinking that it was her ex-husband trying to hoover her back. The number was persistent in calling back which made Louisa decide to turn off her phone. After a while, Louisa received a call again but this time she had a very disturbing feeling from it. What’s with the number and why does it keep on coming?

Life Savior

Undecided whether to answer the call or not, Louisa shakingly pressed the green button and was relieved after hearing a familiar voice. It was her best friend saying that she's received her voice mail and is on the way to pick her up and her daughter. Louisa again was very happy thinking that she will not be handling problems anymore, or so she thought.

Calm before the storm

After that incident, Louisa and her daughter temporarily stayed in the place of her friend as she hunted for her means for living. But it didn't take long enough before she landed a job as a service crew. With one problem solved, her attention now is on finding a new place to stay which is peaceful. Unfortunately, she has no idea what will come next.

Turn of the tide

The search for her dream home was a rough ride. Louisa only wanted a simple place to live at. However, it's like she's searching for gold as houses were either too pricey or haunted. Louisa almost believed that she’s really unfortunate for the longest time. But things started to get different one day.

Mysterious strange

Louisa's fate changed when a stranger appeared in her life and immediately lent a helping hand. She felt super blessed. She would later learn a valuable lesson that if something is too good to be true, then it’s most likely because it is.

Sense of Urgency

For a long period, Louisa wanted a place of her own as she slowly felt shy living in her friend's place for free for too long. She spent days looking for every house posted by a real estate corporation, but ending with none always brings her frustrations. With the help coming her way, she instantly grabbed the opportunity to better her life. Or so she thought.

Eerie Encounter

After feeling that something tapped her back, Louisa turned around and she saw a woman in front of her. Her appearance was similar to an old lady that is portrayed in some fictional films. Wrinkled, skin as white as snow, frizzy hair. Louisa spoke, "Is there something wrong"? She was too stunned to speak after realizing what she had heard.

A fortune teller

Louisa felt shivers down her spine when the lady replied "I know that you're dreaming of a new home". Louisa utterly nodded, to which the old lady replied with a smile. She offered Louisa a piece of paper and left immediately. She was very clueless of what’s happening and took a minute just looking at the paper. Louisa was shocked after opening this.

Too good to be true

After tearing the tape that holds the paper, Louisa saw a gorgeous house that is similar to her dream home. After meticulously scanning the paper, she saw that it was offered for free. She wondered why this was offered at zero cost. Louisa felt ecstatic after knowing that it comes with three rooms, a functional kitchen, and a large yard. But it didn't take a while before she discovered that the house is way different from her dream home.

Major mistake

When she flipped the paper, she saw a contact detail. For a minute, Louisa froze and didn't know what to do next. A lot of things kept running in her mind. But for a reason, she found herself dialing the number displayed. Louisa did this without even knowing what it would cost her life.

False Belief

She heard the phone on the line ringing and it lasted for a while before hearing a "hello". Louisa furiously told her name and happily described how interested she is in the house displayed in the paper. At that moment, Louisa was introduced to an agent called Mikey who instructed her to come over right away. Louisa accepted the instruction thinking that there's no harm in trying. Soon she'd find out that she was wrong.

Strong persistence

Even if she didn't know what to feel, Louisa traveled the way to the exact location provided. It was a long drive, longer than she expected, but Louisa ignored this inconvenience. Later on, she arrived at her destination. She could not believe what she saw.

Don’t be fooled

Her jaw dropped as she discovered the gigantic house. "Why does nobody live in this" she uttered with a thin voice. From a distance, it was already visible that the house was close to an ideal home; spacious lot, quality interior, and extravagant. Is it close to perfection or is it not? Louisa will soon find out herself.

House Tour

Louisa walked across the yard and from there she saw a man standing a few meters from her. As she continued walking, she was welcomed by the man with a weird smile. "I assume that you're Louisa, I am Mikey" the man spoke. After a series of introductions, Mikey proceeded to give Louisa a tour. She stepped her foot inside the home without a hint of what was about to happen.

Hidden Agenda

Louisa couldn't contain her excitement the more she saw the interior of the house. She already imagined herself doing several leisure acts with her daughter. Together with Mikey, she can sense the optimism behind his tour. Louisa thought Mikey's intention was pure, not until she discovered something.

Minor flaws

Although the house was good as new, there are still minimal areas that need rework. Louisa observed some smudges in the living room but she believed that it could be fixed by paint thinners. After seeing the entire house, Louisa was convinced that she made a good choice. Unfortunately, she is up for a major mistake.

Somehow We are Alike

After finishing the entire tour, Mikey proceeded to tell the history behind the house. "This is a property of my grandmother, who died several years ago," said him. After hearing the statement, Louisa felt sad. She said that she can relate to what he feels as she also lost her grandfather years ago as well. Mikey invited Louisa to the living room for a coffee, and this is where things get interesting.

Moment of Truth

Louisa still can't believe that nobody is interested in living in the house even though it's free. In the back of her mind, she’s still confused as to why a beautiful house is given away. She theorized that maybe there's a hidden agenda behind it. And she was right. When she discovered the hidden cost, she almost passed out.

Haunting memories

As the coffee talk progressed, Mikey out of nowhere asked Louisa how she discovered the house. Louisa answered back by saying that it was presented to her by an old lady. After hearing what Louisa said, Mikey's expression changed. His fear was evident, it felt like he was seeing a ghost.

Second meeting

Seeing his reaction, Louisa questioned if something was not right. Upon a glance, something captured her eyes in the corner. It was a photo of an old lady, Mikey's grandmother to be exact, who died a few years back. Louisa slowly realized that it was the same lady who introduced the house to her. Louisa stood stiffly, just like an old tree.

Panic attack

Gasping for air, Louisa told Mikey that the lady in the portrait is his grandmother. "She's the one that introduced me to this place". Mikey was surprised and didn't know how to react. Louisa strongly loved to run away from the house but her feet won't cooperate, it seems like she wants answers. "I don't understand what's happening" she uttered to Mikey, and from there everything started to unfold.

The real catch

The primary reason why the house was offered free is that it was known to be a place of paranormal activity. Numerous locals claimed that Mikey's grandmother is haunting every floor. Personally, Mikey has never experienced something scary before, but he opted to stay away from the house as well. Worried about Louisa? Does she still consider this home as her ideal house?

Trade Off

After knowing the real story, Louisa decided to forego the deal. All her life, she didn't believe in any paranormal activities but this time she changed her mind. Together with her child, she then welcomed her new life in a small house with fewer expectations. Louisa didn't care about the luxurious house she lost. Bottom line is that it's better to live in a room without an extra right?