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Wolf Blitzer Presses Georgia Lieutenant Governor for Refusing to Discuss Voting Restrictions

Wolf Blitzer Presses Georgia Lieutenant Governor for Refusing to Discuss Voting Restrictions

Republicans in Georgia have proposed a flurry of new voting restrictions following President Joe Biden’s victory over former President Donald Trump and the flipping of both United States Senate seats from GOP to Democrat in the 2020 election.


“Republican state senators introduced a package of bills Monday to ban automatic voter registration, ballot drop boxes, and no-excuse absentee voting in Georgia,” the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported earlier this month.

According to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

One measure would prevent voters from being automatically registered to vote when they get their driver’s licenses. Another would ban drop boxes, requiring absentee ballots to be returned through the mail or at county election offices.

In addition, a proposal would roll back a state law allowing registered voters to cast an absentee ballot for any reason. Absentee voting would be limited to those over 75 years old, voters with disabilities, or anyone required to be absent from his or her precinct.

On Monday, CNN’s Wolf Blitzer attempted to question Georgia Lieutenant Governor Geoff Duncan about the draconian measures that are based on baseless allegations of voter fraud.

“To your credit, you forcefully defended the integrity of the 2020 election, vote counting in Georgia. Why are you and some other Georgia Republicans pushing voting restrictions that would actually make it harder for people to vote in Georgia?” Blitzer asked Duncan.

Instead of addressing the issue at hand, however, Duncan deflected to discussing efforts by state elections officials that he claimed are aimed at more efficiently tabulating legally-cast ballots:

I think this is a bipartisan effort looking forward. I think both Democrats and Republicans have introduced election reform ideas that are common sense ideas, that aren’t trying to make a point but truly trying to make a difference. Things like making sure the counties release, at the time they close the election, total number of outstanding votes would have made a difference on election night. Looking for opportunities to allow counties to start processing those absentee ballots well before the election is over so we don’t have to wait days. I’m going to personally work with the Democrats and the Republicans to try to get some big ideas across the finish line

Blitzer then asked, “Will these new ideas that some Republicans are now putting forward actually make it more difficult, let’s say, for minority voters in Georgia to actually cast their ballot?”

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Duncan insisted that his priority is ensuring that every resident who wants to vote will be able to.

“I certainly would never support anything that makes it more difficult to vote,” said Duncan. “Certainly, make it harder to cheat but not more difficult to vote. Quite honestly, a win for us in with Georgia is to see a record number of folks voted in the last election, 5 million, to see an even higher number of folks vote in the next series of elections.”

Duncan’s assurances simply do not vibe with what GOP legislators are trying to accomplish.

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