Without Evidence, Trump’s Pastor Paula White Claims World Got Safer After 9/11 Due To Christian Prayers — It’s ‘Statistically Proven,’ She Says

President Donald Trump’s White House spiritual adviser believes that it was through the power of prayer that crime rates across the nation (and the world) went down after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

White, who Trump has known since 2002 and who was appointed to serve last year in his Office of Public Liaison, as an adviser within his Faith and Opportunity Initiative, made the comments within early January, during a sermon at her Apopka, Florida-based church, City of Destiny.

Michael Reynolds – Pool/Getty Images

Prayer was continuing to keep Americans safe from a number of catastrophic events, White explained, per reporting from Right Wing Watch.

“There will not be another 9/11…There will not be any loss of life. There will not be a nuclear attack. There will not be a terrorist attack,” she said.

She went on:

“Do you know that they said when we prayed during 9/11, that crime went down more than anything because it took tragedy for the righteous to pray? It is statistically proven because of the power of prayer that crime across this nation and across the world drastically went down.”

Except that, crime was already trending lower before 9/11 ever happened. What’s more, crime dropped significantly under Democratic President Barack Obama than it did under Republican President George W. Bush.

According to the latest FBI statistics, violent crime under Bush dropped by about 9.46 percent during his eight years in office. During Obama’s eight years, violent crime dropped by 15.59 percent.

When comparing Trump and Obama, it’s important to note that Trump has only been in office for three years so far, and only in the first two of those years has the FBI released violent crime statistics.

In the first two years of Obama’s presidency, violent crime dropped by 11.79 percent. In the first two years of Trump’s, it’s gone down about 4.57 percent.

White’s remarks did not account for Obama’s record, but she did suggest in her sermon that those who promote pro-choice abortion laws were going against God’s will. However, the eight-year time period that Obama was in office, working to protect a woman’s right to choose, was also the period of time in which crime dropped the most.

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