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With Trump Struggling With J6 Hearings Newsmax Host Greg Kelly Attacks Ron DeSantis

With Trump Struggling With J6 Hearings Newsmax Host Greg Kelly Attacks Ron DeSantis

From the day he left office, Donald Trump has seemed desperate to remain at the top of the Republican party. The January 6th hearing, though, is certainly having an effect on his popularity. And while Trump remains very popular within the GOP, there are some Republicans who may feel that the former President isn’t worth the trouble.

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If Trump was to lose the nomination, Ron DeSantis would be the likely candidate. During a recent segment, Greg Kelly attempted to stop DeSantis’ momentum by attacking him as a career politician.

The Newsmax host began complimentary, saying, “Governor Ron DeSantis. He is amazing, so talented, so smart, unlimited political future. I want him to be president someday.”

Kelly, though, does not feel that the Florida governor is all that original. “Let’s face it,” Kelly continued, “though, he’s borrowing heavily from Donald Trump-style and agenda and policies, and that’s fine,” he said. “That’s totally fine, but I’m hearing from more and more Republicans. ‘Well, you know, Donald Trump has all that baggage, and it’s time for a fresh face.’ Don’t fall for that argument!”

The host closed the segment:

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“Obviously, he [DeSantis] has studied President Trump very, very carefully. You can kind of see it in this picture in Mar-a-Lago. I mean, they’re very similar, and I think DeSantis inhaled so much from Donald Trump. The agenda, the style, it is all Trump’s. He [Trump] changed everything, changed everything, and I think he can change it again. Here’s an idea, although constitutionally it may be complicated, Trump [and] DeSantis, on the same ticket?”


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