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With Trump in Attendance, Macron References MAGA During Speech

With Trump in Attendance, Macron References MAGA During Speech

While they have seemingly tried to make it work, Emmanuel Macron and Donald Trump have a turbulent relationship. In November of 2018, The American president mocked the French president’s low approval ratings. Of course, Trump’s presidency has also featured very poor approval ratings as well.

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The 75th Anniversary of D-Day has once again brought Trump and Macron together on the same stage. During a speech today, the French president urged Trump to remain in NATO and also made reference to MAGA.

Addressing the American president directly, Macron said:

“We know what we owe to the United States of America. The United States of America, dear Donald Trump, dear president, which is never greater than when it is fighting for the freedom of others. The United States of America, that is never greater than when it shows its loyalty to the universal values that the Founding Fathers defended when, nearly two and half centuries ago, France came to support its independence.”

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The French president then discussed the importance of working together through NATO. Macron remarked, “”We shall never cease to perpetuate the alliance of free people.”

Trump may not agree with his French counterpart. The American president has often spoke ill of NATO. He has complained bitterly about the funds being provided by other countries. “I’m going to tell NATO — you got to start paying your bills. The United States is not going to take care of everything,” Trump said in July of 2018. “We are the schmucks that are paying for the whole thing.”

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