With Polls Close, David Perdue Declares Support For $2k Checks

With the presidential election over and the Senate in the balance, some key Republicans are now supporting direct payment checks to taxpayers (voters) and even pushing for larger amounts.

David Perdue 2k checks
[Photo by Jessica McGowan/Getty Images]

Roll Call reported last week that Donald Trump’s sudden demand for $2k stimulus payments had put other Republicans in a tight spot — particularly the two whose Senate races conclude in January. Specifically, David Perdue, who has previously opposed direct checks to taxpayers, but was now boasting about his support of the proposed $600 payments, was facing questions about whether he’d also support a larger check.

At the time, his office was reportedly not responding to inquiries about $2k COVID-19 relief checks.

On Christmas Eve, Savannah Now reported that the two Democrats running for Senate in Georgia, Raphael Warnock and Jon Ossof, had both spoken in immediate support of $2k payments. Republican Kelly Loeffler offered conditional support — only if the money is repackaged from other items in the original bill. However, Perdue was still silent.

In the way of the Trump era, much has occurred since then — Trump refused to sign the bill that included $600 direct payment, House Democrats moved the $2k option forward to no avail, Trump went on Christmas vacation, and then signed the bill, after Americans had watched their unemployment benefits, also re-upped in the legislation, expire.

Now the $600 payments could begin arriving soon — though it might not be before Perdue’s January 5th election day — and Congress is engaged in a back-and-forth over whether an additional amount is a possibility — and now, a week before his election, Perdue supports it.

Retweeting Donald Trump’s xenophobia-laced demand for an increased amount, Perdue declared his agreement and support of the direct payments.

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