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With Midterm Primaries, The Frying Pan Candidate Is One Step Closer To Congress

With Midterm Primaries, The Frying Pan Candidate Is One Step Closer To Congress

If your candidate is tweeting out denials of allegations that she used a frying pan to assault someone, and declaring her intent to make anyone reporting on the story pay, it might be a red flag. If she follows that up with the insinuation that she’ll use said frying pan on other legislators, that’s a red flag big enough to drape a state in.

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On Tuesday night, Sandy Smith (R) won her primary in North Carolina, and in November, she’ll face of against Democrat Donald Davis. If she wins, she says she’ll be taking her frying pan with her to D.C. — but don’t accuse her of using it for violence. She denies all the allegations.

What’s that all about?

According to RestorationNews, hitting a partner with household items is just one of the allegations laid out in court documents and resurrected by Smith’s opponents for political ads. A document filed by her then-husband Eric Goranson in 2009, sought a restraining order, and laid out his account of events:

“I was awoken abruptly when I felt a severe head pain. Ms. Goranson had hit me across the left side of my face with our radio/alarm clock. She continued a barrage of physical assaults against me, using her hands, the clock and a broom.”

The document further alleges abuse against Smith’s daughter, with a description including:

“I had walked in from work early and she was home dragging her daughter … down the hallway by her hair backwards screaming. When she stopped in the living room, she punched (the girl) in the face with a closed fist.”

Her daughter echoed this allegation and made others in a 2012 filing, accusing Smith of holding her down by the hair and hitting her with a closed fist for refusing to be taken to join the military against her will.

Smith also accused her husband of abuse, and both were arrested, though charges were later dismissed, as Smith says.

Her previous husband reportedly alleged that she had attempted to hit him with a frying pan.

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Smith has consistently made light of these allegations of domestic abuse, tweeting photos and emojis focusing on the frying pan and deflecting from the other very serious allegations.

So, what will Smith take to D.C. with her, besides a frying pan, if given the opportunity?

According to her campaign site, she’ll be carrying a lot of anti-choice, pro-gun, and anti-immigrant rhetoric. She wants to “build the wall,” and require voter ID, as well as pushing school choice and “medical freedom” to reject public health mandates. Oh — and WBTV reports that she was part of the Trump rally at the Capitol January 6th, and boasted of “supporting the president, fighting for our country,” afterward — although it’s not clear in what capacity she participated.

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