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With Just Days to Go, Donald Trump Hits His All-Time Lowest Approval Rating

With Just Days to Go, Donald Trump Hits His All-Time Lowest Approval Rating

During his presidency, Donald Trump has regularly talked about his approval rating. He would often tweet out polls that showed him in a positive light. He also just made up numbers to suit his ego. It was common to see the President say that he had a 96% approval rating among Republicans without ever citing a poll.

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In reality, Trump’s approval ratings were largely awful. Trump, in fact, is the first President who failed to hit 50% approval at any time during his term. And after the President incited an insurrection last week at the US Capitol, his numbers have hit an all-time low.

The most recent poll was conduced by Quinnipiac University. The poll found, “Trump now has a negative 33 – 60 percent approval rating — a significant drop from the negative 44 – 51 percent rating he had in December.”

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Those surveyed also felt that it was time for Trump to resign from his post with just days left in his term. 53% of respondents said that he should leave office with 43% saying he should stay on. 48% of those surveyed also felt that Trump was no longer mentally stable.

Tim Malloy, Quinnipiac’s polling analyst said that Trump’s mob has helped to bring together voters on both sides of the aisle. “Pick them up and lock them up,” he remarked. “There’s no ambivalence on how to treat the mobs that breached the Capitol, and there is nearly the same level of alarm from Republicans and Democrats over extremism establishing a troubling foothold.”


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