With A Straight Face, Trump Slams Cuomo For Sexual Misconduct Allegations

The pot called the kettle black Thursday night when twice-impeached former president Donald Trump, who boasts an impressive track record for the number of accusations of sexual misconduct made against him, criticized current New York state Gov. Andrew Cuomo for having similar charges leveled at him.

Over the past 40 years Trump has been hit with all manner of charges. Regardless the circumstances or the credibility of the accuser, Trump’s reflex defense has been to go on offense, to seek to discredit the accuser while assuring viewers “that’s not who I am.” Cuomo apparently lifted that page from Trump’s “how to deny sexualt assault allegations” handbook and included that exact phrase in his videotaped response to the state investigation’s findings.

(Photo by Lev Radin/Pacific Press/LightRocket via Getty Images)

“Cuomo’s got real problems,” Trump said at the fundraising event held at the Trump National Golf Course in Briarcliff. “Cuomo has found himself in an interesting situation,” Trump added.

The former president also gave a shout out to state Senate Republican Minority Leader Robert Ortt, who would participate in a Senate trial to remove Cuomo if the Assembly impeaches him. “It’s going to be a hot couple of weeks in Albany,” Trump said, according to invitees who applauded the prospect of booting Cuomo. “Senator Ortt is going to have a great time.”

Trump reportedly ditched his teleprompter early on and instead spoke extemporaneously. Among the others he recognized:  Long Island Rep. Lee Zeldin and Andrew Giuliani, who served as a Trump White House aide and is the son of former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani. Both Zeldin and Giuliani spoke.

Trump said Andrew Giuliani, a former professional golfer, is “one of the best political golfers.”

But in a significant departure from previous remarks, Trump actually urged guests to get a coronavirus vaccine. “I don’t want to see anything bad happen to my people,” Trump told the crowd.

The fundraiser was attended by 500 guests and raised $1 million for the state Republican Committee.

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