With 38.6 Million Unemployed, Trump Gleefully Tweets About Atlantic Layoffs

The COVID-19 virus and its effect on the economy has resulted in millions of Americans being let go from their jobs. At last count, 38.6 million people are currently unemployed and that figure doesn’t include those who have taken paycuts to remain in their positions.

Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

No profession is immune from the job cuts and media companies have been hit especially hard. This includes the Atlantic magazine who recently announced they were laying off 20% of their staff. Donald Trump celebrated these layoffs on Tuesday night, calling it a “bad time” to be in fake news.

David Bradley, the chairman of The Atlantic, said he had no choice but to make the decision. “I had thought that I would spend some substantial part of this memo explaining the reasoning behind our decision. But, I think it may speak for itself.”

That didn’t stop the President from taking shots are the employees who are now among those out of work. “Great News: The boring but very nasty magazine, The Atlantic, is rapidly failing, going down the tubes, and has just been forced to announce it is laying off at least 20% of its staff in order to limp into the future. This is a tough time to be in the Fake News Business!”

While he was at it, Trump also took a shot at The New York Times, his least favorite publication. He tweeted, “The failing New York Times, winner of Pulitzer Prizes for its totally flawed coverage of the illegal Russia Witch Hunt, does its research as follows: Think of the absolute worst things you can say about Donald J. Trump, pretend there are sources, and just say it. RETURN THE PULITZERS!”


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