Wisconsin Woman Dedicates Her Mother’s Obituary to Defeating Ron Johnson in 2022

When 81-year-old Wisconsonite Carol Lindeed passed away on Wednesday, February 24th, she had one final wish in her obituary – that her state’s Republican United States Senator, Ron Johnson – be defeated in the 2022 midterm elections.

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Lindeen’s daughter, Laurie Lindeen, explained to The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel that her mother was always a mild-mannered individual who avoided discussing controversial topics such as money, politics, and religion.

“If you were at a social gathering, those were the three things, the three no-nos,” Lindeen said. “To keep the peace.”

But after ex-President Donald Trump incited an insurrection at the Capitol on January 6th, all of that changed.

“We were watching TV and Ron Johnson was totally whitewashing and, you know, making January 6th sound like it was just a bunch of goofy people having fun. And she was just irate, so she was going off,” Laurie said. “She said she wished that she had spoken up more and done more and that she wanted to be a freedom fighter, which is something I’d never heard before.”

That was the last day that Lindeen saw her mother while she was alive, the Journal-Sentinal noted.

The late Lindeen’s obituary contained allusions to fond memories with “her children and grandchildren, her cat, Sam, books, friends, politics, and Chardonnay.”

It also urged Wisconsin voters to donate money to whichever Democrat ends up taking on Johnson: “In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to Ron Johnson’s opponent in 2022.”

Lindeen said that her late mother “wished she had been more involved and outspoken to her convictions, so I figured this was my way of honoring that.”

Johnson spokesman Ben Voelkel responded to the obituary by saying that “our best wishes and sincerest condolences are with her loved ones on their loss.”

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