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Wisconsin Poll Taken After Kenosha Unrest Shows Biden With Comfortable Lead

Wisconsin Poll Taken After Kenosha Unrest Shows Biden With Comfortable Lead

Donald Trump is desperate to close the widening poll gap between him and Joe Biden. The GOP was hoping that the unrest in Kenosha, Wisconsin would allow Trump to look Presidential. The President has spent the last two weeks painting him as the “law and order” candidate.

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The strategy, however, does not seem to be working out for Trump. A recent poll taken in the state of Wisconsin showed the incumbent trailing the Democratic challenger by a margin of 6%.

Wisconsin is a desperately important state for the Republicans if they hope to recapture the White House. The traditionally purple state broke for Trump in 2016 when he won by less than 1%.

The survey, conducted by CBS and YouGov showed 50% of voters supporting Biden. Trump was garnering 44% of the vote with the remaining respondents opting for 3rd party candidates or undecided.

More importantly, the survey showed that Wisconsinites would safer under a Biden presidency than a Trump one. 48% of those polled said that they feel safer under Biden compared to 43% for Trump.

Anthony Salvanto writes, “Though neither candidate gets rave reviews for what they’ve said about the demonstrations, Biden is seen by more as trying to calm the situation, while the president is perceived by slightly more as encouraging fighting, rather than calming things down. And the larger notion that violence could come to “the suburbs” finds little concern among those who actually reside in the suburbs.”

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