Wisconsin Governor Wants Trump To Personally Pay Legal Fees For Failed Election Challenge

Gov. Tony Evers wants Donald Trump to pay personally – out of his own pocket – Wisconsin ‘s legal fees for defending the integrity of the 2020 presidential election. In a legal brief submitted to a federal judge in the matter, Evers says the twice-impeached, one-term former president should be personally liable for repaying the state the $145,000 it expended in batting down Trump’s frivolous election challenge.

“More than eight months ago, former President Trump filed this lawsuit in an audacious attempt to overrule the will of the voters by fiat,” the governor’s attorney Jeffrey A. Mandell wrote in a 17-page legal brief. “He sought unprecedented relief, and his team pressed the case in a slapdash manner incommensurate with the gravity of the subject matter. Now, Trump recasts the litigation in a sepia tone, glossing over flaws with conclusory exculpations and dismissing criticism as ‘Monday morning quarterbacking.’ ”

In demanding the sanctions, Evers’ brief calls Trump’s legal maneuverings “a deliberate abuse of the judicial process and attempt to overturn the votes of 3.3 million Wisconsinites.”

Citing federal code, the brief notes, “Nearly a month after losing re-election and having the results confirmed via recount, Trump prosecuted a lawsuit, devoid of factual or legal support, in an attempt to subvert the voters’ will, pushing bad-faith election litigation to new lows. His actions warrant sanctions under the Court’s inherent authority, and his attorneys’ conduct merits fee shifting.”

Trump’s baseless election challenges are being pilloried nationwide. On Thursday a Michigan judge called the challenge there “a historic and profound abuse of the judicial process” and referred the nine lawyers involved, including Sidney Powell and Lin Wood, for disciplinary action by their state’s respective bar associations.

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