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Wisconsin GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Lies About 2020 Election and Then Condemns Liars

Wisconsin GOP Gubernatorial Candidate Lies About 2020 Election and Then Condemns Liars

A fringe candidate seeking the Republican nomination for next year’s gubernatorial race in Wisconsin told a crowd of supporters at a Faith and Freedom rally last month that the 2020 election was a “sham” and that lying politicians are destroying the spirit of America. Jonathan Wichmann, a business owner, also invoked the Second Amendment as a solution to laws that people dislike.

Screenshot: Right Wing Watch

“I decided to run for governor of Wisconsin. I’m no stranger to politics. I’m not a politician. I’m a patriot. I want to make that very clear, and I’m sure all of you are patriots as well. That’s why you’re here. I got in the fight last year because I saw really evil coming across this land, especially in Wisconsin: the lockdowns. I’ve been following politics for 13 years. I volunteered for Ron Paul’s campaign when he ran, for his presidential bid there, and what I noticed is that everything kept deteriorating no matter if we had a Democrat or Republican in office,” said Wichmann.

“It didn’t seem to quite matter up until Donald Trump. Thank God for President Trump, who is still the president, by the way. We all know that. Yeah, we all know that was a sham,” he added, and the audience responded with thunderous applause. Oh yes, we need an audit, absolutely.

After lying about the 2020 election, Wichmann had the unmitigated gall to accuse other politicians of being dishonest.

“So, looking at the political scene, I knew we were in trouble. You know, I’m 36 years old. I’ll be 37 next year, and I own my own business. I’ve owned my own business for nine years. I’ve been in the corporate world a long time. But there’s been an interesting thing that I’ve noticed in this country, especially driving up here. There was a sign that says, ‘lying is destroying America.’ Do you agree?” he proclaimed. “There are no truth-tellers anymore in this country at the political level. We need to change that. We need good Christian patriots to take over and run for office, and that’s what I intend to do.”

A few moments later, a member of the audience asked Wichmann about vaccine passports. His response was that people who disagree with certain laws have every right to break them and that people should arm themselves in case they get caught.

There are currently no laws requiring vaccine passports in effect anywhere within the United States.

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“If something goes against your conscience; if you know because God told you – we’re all created by God in his image, and God gave us certain rights that no man can trample on – if you know in your heart that something is wrong, that [what] someone is telling you to do is wrong, do not comply. It doesn’t matter if there’s a law on the table or not. Do not go along with that. That’s your responsibility. If everyone does that, it all ends today,” Wichmann said. “And if they try to press their luck, we have the Second Amendment.”

Watch below via Right Wing Watch:

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