Willie Geist: After Supporting Trump, Republicans Have Lost the Right to be Outraged Over Biden Cabinet Picks

4 years ago, the Republican senate had to confirm a number of Donald Trump’s cabinet picks. The vast majority of the nominees were either wildly inexperienced or completely incompetent. Still, people like Betsy DeVos, Tom Price and Rick Perry were pushed through.

Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Over the last week, senate Republicans have voiced their displeasure with Joe Biden’s cabinet picks. GOP lawmakers have frequently commented on Twitter statements made by the nominees. According to Willie Geist, though, Republicans lost the right to be outraged when they decided to support Donald Trump.

The Morning Joe panel had a discussion about the nomination process for Neera Tanden. Willie Geist noted that Republicans are, “now, suddenly stunned and outraged. Stunned and outraged by people saying mean things and keeping the temperature too hot and everything they stood by and watched under Donald Trump.”

Joe Scarborough then weighed in, “Did we hear any concerns about Scott Atlas when he was going in there spreading lies? When Alex Azar was asleep at the switch and time and again sitting back quietly and following Donald Trump’s worst conspiracy theories at the most dangerous moments of this pandemic? Come on. What a joke.”

Geist concluded, “Well, they’ve surrendered their right to be outraged. They’ve surrendered, Republicans have, their right to outraged by nominations like these.”

Watch a clip of the segment below, beginning at the 39 minute mark:

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