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Will Trump’s July 4th Celebration Be A Dud? Officials Worry About Crowd Sizes, Repeat of Inauguration Embarrassment

Will Trump’s July 4th Celebration Be A Dud? Officials Worry About Crowd Sizes, Repeat of Inauguration Embarrassment

White House officials are scrambling to get tickets handed out to President Donald Trump’s July 4th celebration, as many of the president’s allies and biggest supporters have already made plans long ago for their Independence Day celebration.

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“They started this too late and everyone has plans already. Everyone will be there in spirit, but in reality, people planned their July 4th activities weeks ago,” Dan Eberhard, CEO of Canary LLC and a GOP donor, said, per reporting from Politico.

Officials within the White House have privately stated their worries about the event having a smaller attendance than what Trump expects it to be. Many factors are compounding against the president’s plans, including the difficult task of getting tickets distributed fast enough and the fact that nature doesn’t seem to want to cooperate, either.

“They are creating this thing from scratch, and I do not know if anyone knows how it will go off,” an anonymous White House aide told the publication. “There are questions about the ticket distribution and who will show up. The weather might be bad. Heads are spinning.”

Worries abound over whether Trump’s “Salute to America” celebration — a highly militarized and, in some people’s minds, a political attempt by the president to politicize the normally nonpartisan holiday — will have a similar outcome to his inauguration in 2017, which had noticeably small crowd sizes.

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Trump was so distraught over the size of his inauguration — which he and his administration insisted was the largest ever — that he reportedly had photos of it cropped in order make it appear more attended, reported The Guardian.

Many critics have lashed out at Trump for the “Salute to America” event itself, for being both an attempt by Trump to politicize Independence Day and for the high costs it will inevitably incur. Per previous reporting from HillReporter.com, Trump has said the costs will be “very little” — however, proof of that assertion has not been provided to Congress or to the public, and many doubt the price tag on the event will be minimal.

A previous plan to host a parade on Veterans Day last year was scrapped after the costs of the event — more than $92 million — were made public.

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