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Will Sommer Masterfully Trolls Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman At Their ‘Driveway’ Press Conference

Will Sommer Masterfully Trolls Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman At Their ‘Driveway’ Press Conference

It’s no secret that Daily Beast writer Will Sommer is not a fan of the outright lies told by GOP “operatives” Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman. If Wohl and Burkman hold a press conference, Sommer is usually one of the first people to either attend the event or write about the absurdity that unfolds.

On Wednesday, Wohl and Burkman held a press conference in a driveway. Yes, an actual driveway. As expected, it went over about as well as these morons could possibly have pulled it off.

The press conference was being held in regards to a Michigan College student named Hunter Kelly. It’s fitting Sommer is on the scene since it was The Daily Beast’s Sam Klein who reported Kelly was attacked by “smear merchants Jacob Wohl and Jack Burkman [who] tricked him into being part of a hoax.”

I’m not going to get into the actual details of the press conference because it’s all lies but the events that have unfolded, including a garbage day, pick up are hilarious.

Sommer used the event to masterfully troll the bumbling idiots. What has unfolded so far is par for the course for Wohl and Burkman.

Part way through the press conference Sommer shared a counter-statement from Wohl’s and Burkman’s alleged Pete Buttigieg accuser in which they call both men “chronic liars” and note that they will NEVER meet with them.

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If this wasn’t enough to give you a laugh, Playboy’s Washington Correspondent, Alex Thomas, shot footage of trash being taken away from outside the home where the press conference was being held. Apparently, you couldn’t hear either of the guys talking because of the noise.


Now back to Sommer’s expert-level trolling.

The closing statement from Burkman may be the most accurate part of the press conference:


Check out more work from Sam Klein and Will Sommer on The Daily Beast.

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