Will Matt Gaetz Take Advice From a Pardoned Felon Ex-Trump Campaign Manager?

Roger Stone knows his way around a scandal. The self proclaimed “dirty-trickster” was set to go to prison for 3 years his summer before his friend Donald Trump came in a delivered a pardon.

Like Stone was at one point, Gaetz is being investigated by the Department of Justice. And Stone, who is somewhat of a mentor to the Florida congressman, delivered some advice for his friend during a recent appearance on Alex Jones show.

The political operative told Jones, “He (Gaetz) needs to go on offense, this is right upfront in Stone’s rules. The left-wing, non-journalist, fake-news media are the most vicious, malicious, dishonest people that I have ever come across. All of these stories that are maligning Matt Gaetz today are based on leaks. Where is the beef? Where are the facts? I don’t think there are any facts. I think this is a good old-fashioned smear.”

Stone continued, “He [Matt Gaetz] should not go hide in a hole, he should be out there, like he was on Tucker [Carlson] last night.”

Of course, Gaetz followed this line of thinking Monday night and appeared on Carlson’s show. And the interview was a bit of a disaster for the Florida lawmaker. Gaetz threw out wild accusations about the investigation and, at one point, tried to implicate Carlson himself. The Fox host was reportedly irate about the way the interview went and hasn’t defended the embattled congressman since.

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