Will House Democrats Call John Bolton to Testify?

Nearly a week ago, excerpts from John Bolton’s upcoming book were published by the New York Times. The writing seemed to confirm that the President had withheld aid from the Ukraine in an attempt to have the country start an investigation into rival Joe Biden.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

While the report confirmed what many witnesses had said in the House impeachment process, Republicans in the Senate were unmoved. On Friday the Conservatives voted against having witnesses in the trial. Some Congressional Democrats are now discussing the possibility of having Bolton come speak before the House.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was asked about the idea before Republicans shut down witnesses. “We’ll see what happens after,” Pelosi said. She continued, “[there’s] more truth for the American people to know.”

California lawmaker Ted Lieu said of the possibility, “The speaker has not ruled that out, but it’s absurd if the Senate doesn’t call him.”

And Mark Pocon from Wisconsin remarked, “Oh, we absolutely should subpoena Bolton if they don’t. Yeah, no question. I mean, if we have to wait for a book to come out, that’s a pretty pathetic way for Congress to deal with this.”

Since the vote was taken in the Senate, Pelosi has yet to talk about calling Bolton.

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