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Will Donald Trump’s Presidential Library Be In A Former Trailer Park

Will Donald Trump’s Presidential Library Be In A Former Trailer Park

When each President leaves office, there is a Presidential library created in their honor. The location of the building usually says something about them. Barack Obama’s library is located in Chicago where his political career flourished. George W. Bush’s library is in Texas, where he served as governor.

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Donald Trump has had a unique presidency and may be in line for a different kind of library. One supporter of the President, James Arena, has been pitching the family on buying up a trailer park in Florida and creating the library there.

Arena is being helped in his campaign by Rob Van Winkle, better known to music fans as Vanilla Ice. The rapper has a connection to the Trump family.

According to Arena, “Vanilla Ice ran it by Donald Jr. He called back and said, ‘Man, I think they’re really into it.’”

If the family is interested in buying the property, it won’t come cheap. Arena is setting an asking price of $1 billion.

For that cost, the Trump’s would receive 43 acres of land. The property is located just south of Boynton Beach, Florida. The 500 or so landowners would have to find somewhere  new to live.

Arena says the property holders need to do something with the land, known as Briny Breezes, because the upkeep has become prohibitively expensive.

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He told the Palm Beach Post, “We have to plan for the future of Briny and, unless we have a tremendous amount of money that I don’t know about, that plan needs to include selling Briny on our terms.”

Trump has recently announced that he will be making the state of Florida his permanent home.


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