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Why We Tweet to Trump – by Brian and Ed Krassenstein

Why We Tweet to Trump – by Brian and Ed Krassenstein

You may often find my tweets under the president’s. When President Trump tweets something I disagree with or I feel is a skewed version of reality, I’m often there with a reply. Sometimes they are joined by followup tweets by my twin brother Ed Krassenstein as well. We’ve been doing this for almost two years now, with the exception of an 8 month break when Trump decided to circumvent the First Amendment and block us from viewing and responding to his tweets.

Some may call our actions pointless, others inflammatory, and some may even go as far as calling us “traitors,” “soy boys,” “fake news,” “cucks,” “beta males,” “libtards,” “snowflakes” and just about every other name in the book. Some people may say that we are tweeting because we are “grifters,” “paid George Soros trolls,” or even that our tweets are a means to somehow scam people. I’m here to tell you the real reason we tweet, and it’s simple: The truth!

Nearly every day the president tweets a mixture of truth, fabrication, exaggeration, conspiracy theory and outright lies. Every day millions of Americans read these tweets and millions more undoubtedly adopt these messages as truth without doing the research to back up their claims.

While sometimes our tweets may poke fun at the president’s behavior or stray partially off topic to make another point, the main thing we’re trying to accomplish is to fact-check and counter the false narrative that the president appears to be propagating to his 56 million+ followers daily.

For instance, yesterday Mr. Trump attacked the European members of NATO, implying that its purpose was to “protect Europe,” in the following tweet:

This agitated us because the only time that NATO actually invoked article 5, which commits each member state to consider an armed attack against one member state to be an armed attack against them all, was in the aftermath of September 11, 2001. My response was therefore a simple message pointing this out.

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When the president has a platform as large as he does, he needs to make sure the content he’s tweeting out is accurate, authentic and proper. Mr. Trump oftentimes appears to do the exact opposite.

If Ed Krassenstein and I can get the truth and the facts out to just a handful of Americans with our replies, we feel it’s well worth the 15-30 seconds it takes us to respond to his messages. If just one American says to themselves, “hey, let me Google that,” then we succeeded.

We understand that it agitates people when they see our tweets constantly popping up under the president’s, particularly those who support this president’s rhetoric and actions. With that said, if a little agitation is required in order to prevent blatant propaganda from spreading on the very social media platform that Russia used to influence the 2016 election, then we’re ready to be the biggest agitators on the planet.

We don’t do this for attention, fame or fortune. We aren’t looking to somehow drive gullible tweeters into a ponzi scheme or profit my means of paychecks from George Soros, like Russian bots and those on the right want you to believe. We are doing it so that our children, as well as yours, can live in a world where facts are indisputable and social media is used for social good, rather than a propaganda machine driven by hate, ignorance and bigotry.

So the next time you see either of us tweeting to Trump, take a minute to read it. If you disagree or question the accuracy of our messages, fact-check them yourself. If you instead decide to send us a hateful, threatening message, or one with anti-semitic undertones, please note that your words roll off our backs like water off an oily mountain, and your threats are forwarded directly to our contact at the FBI.

Happy tweeting!

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