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[COMMENTARY] Why Isn’t Jim Jordan in Prison?

[COMMENTARY] Why Isn’t Jim Jordan in Prison?


It’s an open secret in Washington: Jim Jordan helped cover up the rapes of student wrestlers at Ohio State during his tenure as an assistant wrestling coach. His accusers have testified that not only was he aware of the abuse, he asked the victims to stay quiet or cover up what they knew. The evidence against him keeps growing, yet he’s still sitting in our House, jacketless and disrespectful. Meanwhile, 177 credible accusers live with the PTSD of rape while knowing exactly where their abuser is.

So why hasn’t “Gym Jordan” been prosecuted, investigated, or formerly questioned?

While he’s tried to present character witnesses to back up his claims, Jordan has been outnumbered by his accusers. He also attended Donald Trump‘s Tulsa rally, where he wasn’t just jacketless, but maskless as well. Upon returning to Washington, Jordan deliberately sat maskless next to Rep Jerry Nadler, whose wife is seriously ill. His tweets are ridiculous invitations to mock him (which I do every time he tweets. Seriously, every single time). So how did we get here?

Gerrymandering. Thanks to this foolishness, Gym Jordan presides over a district that looks like a badly pixelated duck from an 80s video game. But he’s up for re-election this year, and he has a strong opponent in Shannon Freshour. 

Just another reason to vote blue this November, but it also raises the question: Once the Democrats have flipped the Senate, how many of Trump’s enablers will face prosecution? They’re already complicit in every scandal of this joke of a term, and we hope a Biden Administration would make this a major priority. Jim Jordan should be among the first, if not the very first, to be tried for his crimes against humanity.

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